Mario Lara's large scale installations and public art captivate the imagination and delight the eye; and make us wonder whether what we are experiencing is sculpture or architecture, theater or psychodrama. In the years since Lara began artmaking, interest in Lara's art has resulted in invitations to create works for the Institute for Design and Experimental Art in Sacramento, Ca., The Arts Festival of Atlanta, Ga., the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, Ca. and for several important art galleries and museums in Southern California.

Lara's artworks, whether indoors or outdoors, don't just passively occupy space. Rather, the works create their own space; embracing their context and transforming it into a new situation. Certain aspects of Lara's artworks only become visible by navigating amid the elements of which they are composed; a tour that often leads to unexpected places. These experiences in turn, make Lara's art a voyage of delight and discovery.



Mario Lara
Rosa Parks Memorial

Rosa Parks Memorial at San Diego Mesa College. Dedicated Feb. 25, 2010.


Mario Lara

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